Food Preps 2.0 cover

Food Preps 2.0

You gotta eat.

In a disaster or collapse, going to the grocery store will no longer be an option. You’ll have to rely on the food you stocked up beforehand. With the right plan, you can build out your food stockpile to feed yourself, your family, and to provide charity to others.

How do you do this? By reading this book.

Food Preps 2.0 is the guide that will take you from your current state of food preparation to one of food security. Food Preps 2.0 makes the path clear and the steps easy.

Food Preps 1.0 is storing a few cases of canned fruits and vegetables that sit in the back of your shelves. Food Preps 2.0 is layering beans, rice, and cans of chicken along with MREs and freeze-dried meals – and so much more. Food Preps 2.0 is purchasing wisely, organizing with perfection, identifying alternative food sources, and developing a meal plan with no waste. Most of all, Food Preps 2.0 is creating a plan that perfectly reflects the needs, abilities, and resources of your family and your team.

Food Preps 2.0 is as much for the new prepper looking for a solid foundation upon which to build as it is for the seasoned prepper that wants to build a bullet proof plan. Most of all, it’s an essential piece in your total preparedness strategy.

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